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Once I started learning the tricks of the trade, I got the idea that maybe I should write a comic strip. When I looked at the script for writing graphic novels, it made the idea of writing a comic strip or graphic novel even more of a reality. It helped that I took a course in Writing for Animation. I want to create two animated shows because I like the idea of creating something inspirational for children that they can really love. I remember growing up watching all kinds of cartoons and I loved them. After scripting out the series, I may get back to creating the comic scripts/ graphic novels. 


The title and loglines for the two shows I plan to create are listed below. Click on the underlined section to more about the series. 


Animated Television Series 

QUEENdom: An Animated Series - Queen Calliope and Prince Joseph rule the land of Ozzimondias with love and compassion. Their three daughters, however, spend most of their time running amuck throughout the palace and throughout the land. Attached you will find the Pilot Episode of the series as well as Episode Loglines for the first couple of episodes in the series. Once it becomes available, I will attach the Show Bible. 


Animated Graphic Novels/ Comic Strips 

Cartoon Superhero - In a world filled with hurt and pain, one young boy tries to ease lives in his community armed with nothing but his common sense, a sense of purpose, and the Word of God. THIS IS A RELIGIOUS SERIES.


This series was slated to become an animated series; however, at this time, I think the best course of action would be to promote it as a single-page comic. After several issues of the comic prove successful, the idea of creating an animated series will again be visited. 

Comic Script 

Single-page Comic


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