The Artistry Report


The Artistry Report is a semi-annual networking publication.  Produced by W3 Enterprises LLC, this magazine will serve as a registry for the myriad of entertainment professionals in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area.


This Journal, slated to debut in the Spring 2021, will serve as a one-stop shop and registry of professionals working or looking for work in the following areas:

  • Spoken Word

  • Illustrations 

  • Graphic Artists

  • Graphic Design 

  • Acting for the Stage 

  • Acting for the Screen 

  • Dance 

  • Vocal Music 

  • Instrumental Music 

  • Writing for the Stage 

  • Writing for the Screen 

  • Fashion Production 

  • Fashion Design 

  • Publication Arts

  • Casting Arts

  • Production for the Stage and Screen 


The idea for this project came to me because I could almost never find "like-minded" creatives when I needed them for one of my many projects. When you are a writer, you almost always need someone else to assist you in producing your work. For someone as creative as me, you can't believe just how many people I need for when the time comes to present something I have created.


I know that Baltimore has everything it needs to be just as competitive as Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and Miami if we can only work together to make things happen. As long as a core group of folks is willing to work together to achieve a common goal, nothing is outside of their reach. That common goal, for me, is networking and branding. For others, it may be something different. 

I am not wealthy, not even close by a long shot.  However, I believe that when we pool our resources, limited as they may be, we can accomplish anything. 

© 2020 by Celeste Williams.