Titles and Loglines


Below is a list of some of the feature films and made for television movies we have coming soon... VERY SOON.... Each movie title has a logline attached.


These movie loglines were created in my second month of my graduate program. Several have been refined based off the work I have done in the program and the knowledge I gained while in the program. 

Baby Mama Drama – A humble restaurant owner has a child with another woman due to his wife’s perceived infertility and must overcome his jealous, unyielding wife to save the family he has with his wife by tracking down the birth mother of his son to return him. 


Hoe ≠ Housewife – A humble, simple-minded banker marries the woman of his dreams and must overcome an unscrupulous, seedy pimp to save her from returning to a life of crime by bringing her back home.  


In Harm's Way – A courageous, introverted singer seeks refuge at her sister’s domestic violence shelter and must overcome a handsome, controlling spouse to protect her daughter from his abuse by overcoming the abuse suffered during childhood.   

Brown Girl Ballet Classic - *

An open-hearted, shy medical student desires to switch careers and must overcome a loving, overbearing mother to achieve her personal happiness.  

Love, Sex, and Music – A sensitive, cocky drummer gets the chance to live out his dreams and must overcome his beautiful, insecure long-term girlfriend to become a professional musician by overcoming the limits of his relationship. 


Reform – An ambitious, immigration lawyer defends an illegal immigrant against deportation and must overcome a spunky, unaffectionate prosecutor to gain citizenship protection for all illegal immigrants by suing the State of Maryland. 


Royal By Blood – A gorgeous, homeless prostitute is tracked down by the family she’s never known and must overcome an evil businessman to save the family business and the people they employ by accepting her birthright.


Omerta - An honest, tired maintenance worker organizes a citywide mafia and must overcome a caring, overworked politician to protect his community from corrupt government employees by demonstrating his system of government is better and more efficient.



* indicates more information to follow

Stepdad – A young teacher falls in love with a single parent of four children and must overcome an ambitious, disrespectful painter to understand the struggles of raising another man’s child by gaining the support of three older, wiser gentlemen. 


The Bad Guys – A lovable, misunderstood local homeboy robs a group of banks and must overcome a helpful, greedy drug lord to save his neighborhood from the drug epidemic by defeating the horrors of his childhood traumas. 


The Musician's Wife – A beautiful, lonely housewife looks for support from friends in her same marital situation and must overcome a loving, distant musician husband to save her marriage by remembering why they married in the first place. 


Tomorrow's Child - A bright, secretive middle school student hides the fact that her mother has been missing for weeks and must overcome a curious, lonely teacher to save herself and her brother from being separated. 

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