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This page is dedicated to the screenwriting arm of my repertory. I enjoy writing for the screen (both large and small) because it gives me the opportunity for the characters I have been dreaming about to come alive. In the pages that follow, you will read loglines for features and shorts, outlines and treatments, and even a script or two. Each will detail a different aspect of my training on the road to become a professional entertainment writer. 


Located on this page, you will also find a link to any Shorts or short film scripts that I have written. I added them to this page because they technically are movies, but they do not meet the industry standards to be considered Features or Made for Television movies. As a graduate student, I learned that more than anything, you deserve credit for anything you do. I love this script because it gave me my first real experience writing for the screen. Click the underlined title to read the full script attachment in (PDF) format. 


A High School Dilemma - This short is the first screenplay I ever wrote as a student in my graduate program. It was hard for me to change my mindset from writing stories to writing for the screen. The show, Don't Tell was a difficult concept for me to grasp. In this revised excerpt, I think I managed to grasp the concept. 


Damn... Damn... Damn... - This short script was written as a way for me to explore the writing principle of "Show, Don't Tell" which refers to writing in the active voice and writing so that what is written can be shown on the screen. I liked it because I have been in this same situation several times and I can truly relate to all that happens in the story. 


Nights Like This - This short script was written on a sleepless night. Thinking about the loss of a once in a lifetime love compelled me to write a little something in which a woman is haunted by the memory of her love.


Love On A Budget – A courageous, naïve college freshman comes home with her new boyfriend and must overcome a loving, overbearing mother to have a quick and inexpensive wedding by accepting her limitations. 


The One that Got Away - Prequel to "Love...", Ungela and Be Be grew up together as the best of friends. When tragedy strikes, it threatens to tear their friendship apart. See the real reason Be Be became Keyshawn's god-father in this light-hearted short about the meaning of love and keeping a friendship strong. 


The Lost Conversation - A micro-short between a family of women on the day they bury their matriarch. 



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