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This page of my website is dedicated to all the stageplays that I create for religious organizations. As a Dramatic Arts Ministry leader at my church, I am often tasked with creating skits and stageplays that inspire hope and belief in the Lord while also providing entertainment. I take great pride in the stage plays and skits I create as this was one of the first creative mediums I ever utilized. I love to write and writing for the stage gives me the chance to really create something that can be seen "live". 


Below you will find pieces that I created specifically for my church. These skits have been or will be produced at my church, Israel Baptist Church of Baltimore City during 2015 and they are near and dear to me. Please read them at your leisure and judge them as you will. 


The Conversation - Imagine you are so frustrated with life that you feel like giving up. I know that feeling. I have that feeling often. What do you do? When it happens to me, I have a conversation with God!!!! I was asked to create a skit for the "Worship Arts Emphasis Sunday" service at IBC. I struggled to come up with something appropriate and then one day, the text came to me in a dream. It was as if God tapped me on my shoulders and said, "Say these words...". It was received well after its presentation and I hope it inspires you the way it inspired me. 


Three Kings - This piece was created in celebration of the Christmas holiday at IBC and is meant to feature each of the Worship Arts Ministries in a unique way. This is actually the script for an "illustrated sermon". An illustrated sermon is a church service that features song, dance, pantomime, and spoken word all with a central theme congruent with the theme of the preached word. I usually create these twice a year for my church, Christmas and Resurrection services. 


As more creations are written, I will post the scripts to this site for your perusal and consideration. 

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