Television Series (Non-animated)


Completing this program turned out to be the best thing for me as a writer because it introduced me to the process of being an entertainment writer. As an entertainment writer, you can be hired to write any number of things including television shows, motion pictures, and stories. Listed below are the titles and series loglines for our scripted television series. 

Thicker Than Blood - Thicker Than Blood is a drama about the day to day struggles in the life of a successful physician raising 15 children, 12 of whom were adopted from the foster care system, with a colorful assortment of family history and backgrounds on her own in Baltimore, MD.

Church Family - What happens when a well-known pastor of a megachurch starts fraternizing with church members? You get a non-stop roller coaster of hijinx and hilarity, that's what! Welcome to the life of Dr. Denis Daniels and the Lion of Judah Church and Ministries. 


Charm City Days (an urban soap opera) - This webseries was created out of my desire to create a series that was short, sweet, and to the point. Something that I could put on the web that people would crave and introduce the world to my writing style. Each episode of Charm City Days will be no longer than 15 minutes; approximately 14-16 script pages. Filled with drama and nuance, Charm City Days follows the convoluted lives of the Miller family and their social, political, and emotional control over the people of Baltimore City. Nothing is ever quite what it seems as shade is thrown and lives are changed in the blink of an eye. Attached is the Pilot Episode of the series. 

Music's Manager - All Anastacia Douglas wants in life is to work in the music industry. So, when she gets the call to work as an intern at the hottest music management company in the country, she is over the moon. Only, this job proves to be more than a headache as she deals with babified artists, an overzealous and unyielding boss, and an industry that's dying right before her eyes. Take a look at the life of one of Music's Managers. 


Checking In - Checking In follows Desdemona Davis as she works at the front desk of the Dryon Hotel, a small-ish "mom and pop" hotel that is moderately successful. It details the interpersonal relationships between the characters as well as their interactions with the guests. Desdemona is the main character. She works as the concierge in the hotel with her cousin Cletus, a.k.a. Teeny, the bellhop, Mr. James and Mrs. Charmaine Yarborough, the owners of the Dryon, and Antonio Peoples, the facility house and groundskeeper.

Private Ambo***- More information to come in the future!!!!


Summertime Sitcom** - More Information to come in the future!!!


Short Dramatic Comedy**- More Information to come in the future!!!


** denotes possible name change

*** denotes more information to follow 

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