Good Morning World!!!!

So, I am at the point in my professional career when I have decided to share my writing with the world!!! This has been a long time coming; however, I know that I am ready to take on what God has in store for me. To that end, I have established my two professional pages.

1. Untouchable TV Network: ( is the online home for my television network. This is the site where people will come to get to know all about UTV and the work we are doing there. It is also where people will find the latest content we are producing/are producing and learn all about the moves UTV is making.

2. Writing Saved My Lyfe: ( has been a staple in my life for years now... it was my first domain ever purchased and the only thing that kept me sane in my weakest hour. I am glad I have linked it to this page so I can keep it going and moving forward while honoring my desire to express myself in writing.

I hope you enjoy this page as much as I do.

*** I have taken all of my documents off of this page in case anyone had thievery in their heart.

As Always,

Heavenly Queen

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