WEDA... The Saga Continues

Good Afternoon All,

First off, church this morning was AMAZING!!! I am thankful and grateful that God has blessed me over and over again to have a personal relationship with him! That being said... GAHHHH!!!! This writing challenge is KILLING ME (in a good way)!!!!

Never in my life have I felt so productive. When I was in grad school, I would write everyday but never really feel like a story or a book was anywhere in there. Since I started WEDA, I find myself staring at a blank page more often than not; however, it's the staring at the page that makes everything worth while. The staring quickly becomes writing which quickly becomes something more than just writing. It becomes life. I am describing feelings and emotions I had no idea I could ever describe. I am experimenting with genres I would not dare touch any other time of the year.

Creating is hard. Going into an area that I have never experienced is harder. But in the end, it will all be worth it. For now, I must get back to doing what I do best!!!

Remember to always be BRAVE, be BOLD and READ ON!!!!

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