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So... the writing challenge has ended and I am better for the experience. I didn't finish the challenge, but I'd like to think I was still successful. Starting the challenge was the best and worst thing I could have ever done. One the one hand, it forced me to write everyday... on the other hand, it forced me to accept that I have a real commitment problem in terms of churning out content. Which SUCKS if your goal is to be a professional writer.

Thank God I found this out now, versus when I love to Hollywood and begin the cumbersome process of looking for an agent. I was able to create some really unique love stories. At least, I think they are unique love stories. And even though I only made it to day 10 of the challenge, it has prepared me for the next attempt at the challenge... August 2017. This challenge will be special in that August is my birth month. Many people would elect not to try another challenge OF ANY KIND during their birth month; however, goals know NO limitation!!!

Anyway, I am choosing this platform as my continued attempt to create in a judgement free environment. I pray that when someone finds these blogs, they understand they these entries are more than just the inconsistent, incoherent ramblings of a girl with no friends, but rather the last chance of lonely lady to speak her peace and breathe again.

As always, The Writer

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