The Challenge is over!!!

The Writing Challenge is OVER!!!!

I challenged myself to write everyday in February. It was a great idea in theory; however, in practice, it was more challenging that I ever imagined. In the end, I completed 16 pieces of flash fiction. Honestly, I am disappointed in myself because I didn't reach my goal. I know what I did was amazing, but I am not a person who sets unachieveable goals for myself. When I don't reach one, it knocks me down a peg or two. I am hoping to change that about myself one day... in the distant future.

As I prepare myself for WEDA (write everyday in April) and the release of my new literary magazine, Flash Fiction Aficionado, I look to continue setting attainable goals and reaching them one at a time as I work towards my ultimate goal of being a professional writer.

I look forward to including one or two of these stories in the newest edition of the magazine and I may even blog one of them.

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