Specialty Television Programming


Reality programming, miniseries and any other type of programming that is not considered a regular, scripted television series falls under the specialty programming heading. Information about programming under this content can be found on this page. Read the information provided below to understand what I have in store for the world! Although these shows are reality shows, certain aspects of the show will be scripted. That's where I will create something for the series Host and the Announcer. 

American Royalty: The Miniseries


"The Daniels family is the closest thing America has to royalty." - Anonymous


is a show that chronicles the fictional Daniels family through their falsely picture-esque lives. The series is considered specialty programming because it is a completely American Royalty: The Miniseries self-contained in less than the 13 episodes required for an idea to be considered a television series. 


Listed below are a few of the documents created in reference to this television series event. While the standard length for most drama series is 60 minutes, American Royalty episodes are projected to be 30 minutes in length. 


The Music Show


The Music Show is a musical performance showcase for independent artists across the country. Filmed exclusively in Baltimore, MD, The Music Show features entertainers and provides a platform for performances and micro-interviews across genres. 


Munchin' With the Madame


Every network deserves a cooking show, and Untouchable TV Network is no different. Munchin' with the Madame is just that, a cooking show where families across America can tune in and get tips on how to create some of the tastiest dishes ever to be created. 


Something To Talk About


Something To Talk About is a weekly talk show style broadcast where community residents and leaders can come on air and express themselves. Guests are free to talk about the state of the City, local small businesses, education, employment opportunities, and everything in between. 

From Scratch:  Amatuer Cooking Specials


From Scratch is an amateur cooking show that showcases the talents of unknown chefs and cooking professionals, most of which come from the inner city. 


Certain aspects of this show will contain scripted material, including the Introduction, the Closing, and the language in which the judges/taste-testers will use. Much of the language used will highlight the various flavors used by the cooks.



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