Story Division 

So, this Division of my website is dedicated to all the short stories I have written that may or may not become television shows or movies. One thing this program in professional entertainment writing has taught me is that as a professional writer, we MUST be FLEXIBLE. I know everyone gets into this type of career to pen the next great BLOCKBUSTER and I would be lying if I said that I didn't want to do the same thing. However, I learned in this program that you cannot limit yourself to a single genre. It would help if you thought out of the box. 

Below you will find two short stories that are near and dear to me. Please read them at your leisure and judge them as you will. 


You Gon Learn Today - This is an expanded version of the last short story I wrote in my undergraduate program (written under my pseudonym). The class was "Dystopian Literature." It exposed me to a beautiful world that I never knew existed. Reading short stories and novels about worlds where indescribable conditions are the norm was invigorating to me. I submitted this story as my sample piece of writing for consideration into this You Gon' Learn Today graduate-level program. I know it did not make the list of portfolio requirements; however, I genuinely feel that this piece of writing is my first piece of graduate-level writing. 


A High School Dilemma - This piece of writing is genuinely the first thing that I wrote as a graduate student at Full Sail University. This assignment taught me about a genre of literature known as Flash Fiction, extremely short but complete stories. I have attempted additional flash fiction pieces. However, none compare to the first one I wrote about the happenings of three of my students (one of whom is my goddaughter). This story was also adapted into the first short screenplay I ever wrote. You can find a copy of this screenplay on the Movie Division page. 

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